If you are thinking of replacing or adding in a patio to your garden, look no further than Goldleaf Landscapes. With a current patio sample selection of over 50 cut samples plus brochure options, you will be sure to find your ideal patio of choice. Upon initial site visit you will be shown a selection of patio options from small cut samples and current brochures.


All of our patios are supplied and fitted with every aspect of the project being taken care of including all digging out, waste/soil removals and with the added bonus of not needing any skips monopolising your driveway or house front.


As a company we offer a wide selection of patio options to suit all budgets from budget friendly to high end porcelain, below is a breakdown of patio options available to choose from.

Notes to mention


With many options of patios available on the market and natural stone going up in price over the years, with the quality going down at the same time, natural stone has become less popular and less of an appeal due to its negative factors and higher maintenance. 


A few of the negative factors to mention with natural stone patios are the ability to form rust spots more readily due to its natural iron content, also efflorescence staining is seen more often with natural stone as the naturally occurring salts found in cement and sand etc can travel in water through the slabs forming crystalline deposits with more frequency, these are contributing reasons why other patio options have taken the lead in the market for preferred patio choices.

Budget friendly option


If you want to keep costs low but are still looking for a modern hard wearing patio that has additional texturing this is the option for you. With 3 popular colour options to choose from (buff, light grey and charcoal) These are supplied as 450mm X 450mm slabs and preferably fitted in half bond pattern which gives a better overall look and finish to your patio, whilst bringing charm and functionality to your outdoor space.


With decades of this type of utility slab standardly being available in riven texture a new more delicate design, the super rippled paving slab has been developed and is now widely available. This option gives a more modern and contemporary look and is still being offered in the colour options mentioned and pictured below.


Medium Budget option


If you would like to add a touch of traditional class to your garden with the added benefit of being non-slip, patio packs are the option for you. Patio packs are a mixed slab size patio choice consisting of 600mmX600mm, 600mmX300mm and 300mmX300mm sizes all fitted to create an exquisite looking high grip patio, available in 4 bold colours.


The colours available for this option are Misty grey, Weathered Autumn, Buff and Savannah Weathered, as pictured below and in our gallery page.

This preferred option over natural stone is made from wet cast coloured concrete and offers a natural stone look without the size and depth inaccuracies, potential rust and efflorescence staining you often find more prevalent with natural stone products.

High end porcelain option



If you are looking for the gold standard in patios this is the option for you. With well over 40 porcelain samples available to view on your initial site visit and full size samples available to view on request you will be sure to find your perfect porcelain colour option that we are sure you will fall in love with.


Porcelain is the easiest of all patios to maintain as it is highly stain resistant, there is a good reason they manufacture teeth from this material with its low absorption of stains.


All our supplied porcelain slabs are R-11 rated which is the British standard for anti-slip slabs which is classified for outdoor use including swimming pool surrounds.


For a free quote and to arrange a site visit for your patio installation or garden project please either fill out the contacts form or call the company owner Steven Williams on 07783 047 885